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We have a lovely little group going. The writing is pretty incredible – so much talent in (almost) one area. I’m really not one for over-praising so take all this enthusiasm as real and not some fawning exercise.

We heard John’s latest play, The Memorial, another comedy I joked. It’s actually about the complexities of war bereavement, quite an achievement for a 15 minute play. He’s hoping this one will make it onto the stage. Fingers crossed.

Dave read the next chapter of his fantasy novel. (Title?) He’s making slow progress, mainly because he wants every word to be perfect and, to be honest, I think he’s come close to managing it. John said ‘I’d buy that’ which is pretty much the highest praise you can have as an author. Except maybe ‘I’m recommending it for the Pulitzer / Novel Prize for Lit / I worship at your writing altar.’ Can’t wait for the next chapter – get a move on!

Jane read a story she’ll pulled out of retirement in a drawer. It was great. I was a bit biased as it had a dragon in it. My five year old would love it too, which is just as well as it’s aimed at primary aged children. Rapper Unsel is an update on the Rapunzel tale. Rupunzel is a stroppy, social network connected teenager, kept captive by a bored and lonely dragon. Move of that as well please!

Neil read us more of his wonderfully flowing poems. A poetry anthology he’s featured in, Forgotten Letters, has sold out on Amazon / book shops which is brilliant. This is an interesting one – it’s written by writers with dyslexia. Cue discussion about when having a ‘dyslexic’ brain is a good thing and a bad thing. Rubbish structuring and discipline skills but fantastic freeform brain work, well that’s my summary anyway. Personally I think any one very artistic or creative has a brain that works that way.
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John wanted to use one of Neil’s poems – The Bike – to promote the new campaign / proposals for a formal Marlborough cycle path,

I read the only part of my new novel I felt I could read without giggling all the way through. It’s a fantasy horror novel, think Buffy meets Skins, with rather rude bits in it. Scratch that, VERY rude bits. Twilight it ain’t. I’m quite pleased because I’ve finally started a novel with a plot already completed, and it’s coming along nicely thank you. Jane got excited because she could see the potential to have a big appeal to teenagers, especially as a publisher asked her once re her own teenage-aimed novel ‘does it have any sex in it?’

And on that note, I’ll say adieu until the next meeting 21 Feb, 7-9pm Cons Club, Marlborough.

Post by Louisa Davison, Marlborough

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