Social meetings

It can be challenging joining a new group.

With this in mind, you can meet us socially, if you like, at 7pm in the Lamb, before the critiquing of writing begins half an hour later out the back.

If you’re thinking of joining us, we’d love to see you before coming to a meeting proper or, of course, leap on in and come to the whole thing. Or join us at 7.30pm. We’re flexible. We want people to be comfortable.

If there’s a problem with meeting in a pub, let me know and we can do the social thing in the Stable Room. It’s still a licensed area but it doesn’t have a bar.

Louisa will email the work for the first month you attend. If you decide you want to join, then you’ll be sent an invitation to join Basecamp where we upload our work and talk to each other outside of meetings.

By the way, we welcome writers, age 16+, at any stage. We don’t vet your work or anything like that, there’s no submission criteria – we’re not that kind of group. We enjoy encouraging writing. We don’t do writing exercises, etc, just give a positive critique of three pieces of work a month, sent in advance, and we encourage new members – when they’ve attended a meeting – to submit.

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