Publishing workshop Feb 4th

It’s on Sat 4 Feb, 2pm, Marlborough Library with Mavis Cheek, James Aitcheson and Helen Slavin.

I’ve been so wrapped up in reading /listening to books on my iPad, reading books I’ve been given, charity shop purchases, etc that I haven’t been to the library in nearly a year! When I went into Marlborough Library today to purchase my ticket to this event, my library card had run out and they now have machines to process lending.

I’m not sure of the point of these machines. The librarians did a perfectly good job and they were a lot more friendly… The machines look very out of place. The lady at the enquiries desk seemed to spend a lot of her time dealing with issues arising from people using said machines.

Perhaps they should have spent the money on librarians and more books. But that’s just my view.

One response to “Publishing workshop Feb 4th”

  1. Holly Hammond avatar

    Thanks Louisa. I would have loved to do the Salisbury one and I’d love to come to RW again, but Salisbury was a weekday and even RW on weekday evenings is unlikely to happen as Keith works so late. This is finally something I can get child care for in the shape of Daddy! Thanks so much for letting us know! Holly

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