Marlborough Writers – are you one?

I notice that I haven’t posted for nearly two years (slap wrists), but stuff has been happening on the writer’s front.

We’ve changed from Riverbank Writers to Marlborough Writers. As with every creative group, the format changes and evolves.

We welcome anyone who writes. What does that mean? Well, you put pen to paper (real or virtual) and create a story or write an account, which could be in any form – prose, poem, screenplay. All are good.

So if you want to emerge from your office, shed, bedroom, library, coffee shop or where ever it is you write and want to find out if ‘you’re on to something’, do join the group.

We’re here to discover the joys of reading new work and supporting each other to be better writers.

Next meeting is Tuesday 7th January 2014, which is in a few days time. Let me know if you want to come (see dates page)

Post by Louisa Davison, Marlborough

4 responses to “Marlborough Writers – are you one?”

  1. looks like I missed the February meeting so I’m planning to attend on 4th March.

  2. dennis porter-avis avatar
    dennis porter-avis

    I have been writing for years; short stories, poems and comedy sketches. Trying to get my work published and never known how to go about doing his. Please message me and hopefully we can discuss this further. Many thanks Dennis.

    1. My suggestion would be to along to the next get together and meet us. Next one is 4 March.

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