Competitions and submissions

Budding writers! Just six days to go to enter Poetry Swindon‘s BATTERED MOONS POETRY COMPETITION and submit to DOMESTIC CHERRY magazine.

Battered Moons only costs £5 to enter per poem, and has a top prize of £700.

Domestic Cherry invites submissions of Poetry, Flash Fiction, Playlets, Shopping Lists, Inner Leg Measurements, First Borns and Bribes! No fee but you may be published in the lovely DC mag.

More info here:

Deadline for both is Thursday 30 June 2016.


2 responses to “Competitions and submissions”

  1. Ginevra Gould avatar

    Hello, I am interested in coming on the 2nd of September if the group is running then?

  2. Agent Louisa avatar

    Hi Ginevra, yes the group is running 2nd September. Do you want to email me your details on peteandlou @ mac .com (without the spaces, obvs). Louisa

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